Why Should My Website Be Mobile Responsive?

Why Should My Website Be Mobile Responsive?

One very important question that almost every small business owner has asked is, "Do I need a mobile-friendly website?" The answer to this question is, most certainly, YES. Let's face it, today more people are accessing the goods and services they need via a mobile device and it's imperative that your business can offer this to your clients.

With a mobile responsive website, people are able to view your goods and services immediately. With a non mobile-friendly website, users become uninterested and look elsewhere for a site that's more user-friendly. If your website is difficult to read or navigate why would a potential customer waste their time?

Not only will a mobile-friendly website be engaging to your potential customers and provide them an easy way to access you and your products, a mobile-friendly website will receive a higher relevancy ranking in google compared to a website that is not mobile responsive.

When you choose The Pixel Monster to design and develop your custom website we will always build the design and website flow based on a mobile-first design approach. This means that we will always make sure every single page is designed first for mobile phones and then scales upwards to function properly on tablets, laptops, and desktops.

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